Who We Are
We are Guy and Carole Lacroix, owners of Pure Water Factory. We were former partners of the Bon O Clair Inc. company, which opened in 2000. Between 2000 and 2016, three water kiosk locations were established in the east-end of Ottawa. In 2016, the company closed after the other two partners decided to retire from the water business.

We moved to Manotick in 2017 and established a new location under the company name Pure Water Factory.

Why we started this business?
Back in the 1990’s, we lived out in Navan with our four children. We had decent well water with the only issue being hardness but we observed that the water softener left sodium (salt) in the water. This was seen at the bottom of the ice tray as a white salty powder, once the ice cubes were removed. The second issue occurred on two occasions, when the surface well became contaminated from ground level runoff in the spring. The well was treated with bleach, but due to these events, we decided it was time to purchase bottled water for our family.

Through research, we were amazed to find just how much the bottle water industry was unregulated. There was no assurances we were buying good, safe water. With further research, along with trying different water providers (which in some cases were using older purification, low quality equipment), in 2000 we decided to launch in association with another couple, Bon-O-Clair Inc .

Our Mission
Our heart, is to provide clients with pure water of the highest quality, using a multi-staged process that guarantees pure, bacteria free water right to their bottles. After all, people are concerned about the water they drink, it is the most important consumable product on the planet!