Dispelling some MYTHS about Pure Water

Pure water does not provide minerals your body needs. Yes that is true but normal tap water does not either. In fact, unless minerals are added to water as an additive, you will never get your daily recommended minerals from water. Almost all minerals in water are considered inorganic. They have not been converted from inorganic to organic minerals such as is found in plants, vegetables and fruits. When water is taken in by a plant, it uses the water to produce organic minerals that your body can accept. That is why, as humans we rely on food for our minerals and not on water.

Another factor to consider regarding inorganic minerals in water is that over time it can cause your kidneys to be clogged. Hence Kidney stones. It is not uncommon for well water to have high levels of inorganic minerals in the water such as calcium. These inorganic minerals can play havoc with your kidneys in addition to causing the water to taste or smell. Think of your kidneys as you would a clothes iron, you are asked to put mineral-free water in an iron so it can operate better and not get clogged over time. Same goes for your kidneys.

True Fact: A new client (previous store I owned) came in one day asking about the lack of minerals in the water we produced. While she was talking, one of our regular clients came in and was waiting for me to serve him. The lady turned to the man and asked what he thought about the lack of minerals in the water. I was amazed at what he shared: he answered that he needed to only drink pure water since he only had one kidney and that this was his doctor’s orders.

Pure water tastes bad: Pure water should have NO taste whatsoever as it is pure. If “so called” Pure water has a taste, then it is likely not pure. What can happen over time, if using pure water fabrication equipment that is not well maintained and/or filters not regularly changed is that equipment can start to clog up, thus not achieving pure water status which can leave a dirty or burnt taste. We at Pure Water Factory are in the business of providing one product and that is “pure water” plain and simple. It’s all about maintaining the integrity of our product and this requires constant maintenance. Pure water is the most refreshing water to drink! Once you start drinking pure water, you will find other waters will not be as satisfying. Try it for a week and see how your taste buds react once you go back to chlorinated or spring water.

I need Fluoride in the water for my teeth: Very few countries in the world use fluoride in their water and some municipalities in Canada have removed it from their water. Look at your children’s toothpaste tube, it says only to use a small amount and not to have children swallow the paste due to the fluoride yet it is in the water. Several studies have indicated there is no benefit to fluoride in the water and the jury is still out on why fluoride is still being used today in our water system.