The Process

Our purity process begins with City of Ottawa water, we remove the hardness through a water softener and the chlorine through high output carbon filtration, the water then proceeds through a high capacity reverse osmosis system rendering the water pure to less than 2 parts per million. To bring it to less than 1 part per million, we further filter it through another process which removes all remaining inorganic minerals. The water is then stored in a food grade container.

We circulate the pure water through an ozonator and ultra violet light which assures bacteria free reservoir and pipes. All this to bring you the purest water available in every drop.  Just before dispensing the pure water through the coin/bill operated dispensers, the water goes through a final ultra-violet and carbon filtration inside the dispensers to have the assurance that water getting to the clients bottle is bacteria free and nothing but pure. Clients can select to fill either 1, 3 or 5 gallon bottles.
Before filling their bottles, clients can sterilize them by using our “no charge” sterilization table which dispenses high pressure pure ozonated water into the bottle.

We also sell new bottles and offer delivery service, please call 613 850-3592 to confirm availability and prices. Thank you for your business!